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Friday Night Live (FNL)

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About FNL


The Sacramento Friday Night Live Program, housed at the Sacramento County Office of Education, has been serving young people in Sacramento County for more than twenty-five years. The program involves young people from across the county in projects that utilize the following strategies:
  • Youth Development Framework
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and other drug use (ATOD) Prevention & Health Promotion
  • Environmental Prevention
  • Evaluation Strategies
Within each of these strategies, FNL staff have designed opportunities for youth to take the lead and become advocates and change agents in their communities. The youth development framework provides an environment where young people can safely participate, build skills and partner with peers and adults to work within their communities and advocate for changes that are important to them. Chapter activities include alcohol, tobacco and other drug use (ATOD) prevention, as well as health promotion in schools and communities. Activities also include building support within communities to make needed change as well as it relates to ATOD policies and enforcement. At the conclusion of each project, students use their new skills to reflect on their work and evaluate project success.

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